Open the doorway between this world and the next.

Honor the Ancestors!

Many spiritual practitioners overlook the powerful practice of honoring your ancestors, the beloved dead of your bloodline. Your ancestors are awaiting your prayers and gifts, and in exchange, want to assist you in healing and growth of personal power which in turn heals your ancestral and family karma.

This introductory and basic level class teaches the spiritual benefits of developing a healthy relationship with your ancestors, creating an ancestor altar, and learning simple magical workings involving your ancestors.

Instructor: Andrea Racko
When: Saturday, February 5 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Where: The Sacred Bee, 206 Sacramento # 203, Nevada City, CA

Fee: $25. Please call 530-264-7230 to RSVP

This is only part one of an ongoing ancestor work series. Part two will be forthcoming shortly…

Curious about Runes?

Heard of them in a magickal context but haven’t got a clue about them?

Are you knowledgeable about them, but need some hands on experience applying their energy to divination?

If any or all of these conditions apply, and you would like to message, I mean massage your brain about the Elder Futhark’s powers, join Patrick Turnbull of The Rainbow Warriors for 4 hours Friday evening, October 8. We will learn each rune’s meaning, and how they talk to each other, and you.

The first two hours will consist of explaining what each rune represents, plus a simple divination exercise. In the last two hours we will explore a series of developed rune divination patterns based on Norse lore roots and machinations. This session will have a lot of attendee participation, as we take turns reading and interpreting each others rune lot pulls.

For more information about Patrick Turnbull, please visit The Rainbow Warriors website at

Friday, October 8, 2010
5pm to 9pm
Nevada City, CA

To register, please call Andrea at (530) 613-3498
or email

Registration Deadline is October 5th

In association with The Sacred Bee
Nevada City, CA

Reiki Master Collie Valadez of The Rainbow Warriors is pleased to present a 2-day Reiki Practitioner training workshop, October 9 & 10, 2010.

Participants will become an attuned Usui Reiki One & Two Practitioner. Mr. Valadez, magickally known as Pan, has a distinct Wiccan twist on his presentation of the material, showing how Reiki can become an effective tool in the healing arts. This training will be very focused and challenging, so bring your best energy to bat each session! Also, early enrollment is encouraged in order to receive copies of the needed Reiki sigils to learn beforehand. This way, Master Pan can focus the time on actually receiving, experiencing, and using the healing energy of Reiki.

For more information about Collie “Pan” Valadez, please visit The Rainbow Warriors website at

Saturday & Sunday, October 9-10
10am to 5pm
Nevada City, CA

To register, please call Andrea at (530) 613-3498
or email

Registration Deadline is October 5th

In association with The Sacred Bee
Nevada City, CA

Please note my new hours for the summer

Mondays 10-3pm
Tuesdays 10-5
Wednesdays 2-8pm
Thursdays 10-5pm
Fridays Off
Saturday 10-3pm, unless posted that we are taking a family time long weekend.
Sunday Off

Please join Andrea Racko for a Reiki Level One Class and Attunement

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
6:00pm – 9:00pm

As a phenomenal healing technique, Reiki has taken the alternative healing world by storm! Come learn this easy and successful energy healing technique brought to the earth plane by Dr. Usui in Japan and has been shared with others worldwide. Reiki, life force energy, can be used to revitalize self and others, remove blocks, heal *dis-ease* from within all subtle bodies of the recipient. You will receive your Level One Attunement in this class and become the facilitator of deep healing.

In Nevada City; location TBA with pre-paid registration of $65.00

To sign up, please call (530)264-7230 before July 24. Space is limited.

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