About The Sacred Bee

Andrea Racko

Nevada City psychic Andrea RackoAndrea founded The Sacred Bee as a retail metaphysical supply and psychic services store in Grass Valley, CA back in 2006.

In early 2010, she re-birthed The Sacred Bee in Nevada City as a center for divination, healing, magick, transformation and ritual to meet the growing needs of individuals seeking spiritual help and guidance in a time of crisis.

Gifted with sight and psychic vision, Andrea has the unique ability to peer into situations and territory that is difficult for many to access on their own, providing accurate insight into the past, current energies, and future potentials.

Clients always have free-will in their choices and actions based on the information and knowledge she presents to them. Andrea is in high demand for her skills and ethics with a heavy referral-based clientele.

Mrs. Racko has been an empath, medium, and psychic since childhood. As 3rd Degree Priestess in the Indo-European tradition of Wicca, she is an adept at spellcraft, divination, exorcism, necromancy, cartomancy, and mediumship. She has offered divination, spiritual healing, manifestation, and magick & religious training to the public for the past sixteen years.

Andrea currently offers spiritual counseling, psychic readings and mediumship via telephone.

Only phone sessions are available at this time.

For phone sessions, call (530) 613-3498 at your scheduled appointment time.

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