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Ancient Crystal Skull Channeling with SHA NA RA *As Seen on the History Channel* Friday, August 12 · 2:00pm – 6:00pm Ancient Skulls hold great power and wisdom. Journey with us to explore the history, the power and mystery of this incredible gift from the Ancients. Spend an afternoon with Michele Nocerino and Sha Na […]

Donald Michael Kraig presents… Sex Magick Saturday, January 29 7:00 p.m. Unlike any other workshop you have attended! This is designed to be in pairs of modules. The first module of a pair is informational, describing theory and techniques. Then there is a break. During the second module of the pair we will practice exercises […]

Donald Michael Kraig presents… Tarot & Magick Saturday, January 29 Noon–2:00 p.m. Most people think that the Tarot can only be used for doing divinations, fortune telling, or pathworking. In this workshop you’ll learn other ways of using the Tarot to bring real magick into your life, including using the Tarot cards as talismans, with […]

Donald Michael Kraig presents… Talismans and Amulets Friday, January 28 6:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. A talisman is any object, sacred or profane, with or without appropriate symbols, that has been charged or consecrated to achieve a single purpose. In this workshop you’ll learn how to design, make and charge your own amulets and talismans. The focus […]

The Sacred Bee is pleased to welcome Donald Michael Kraig author of Modern Magick , Tarot & Magick and Modern Sex Magick FREE BOOK SIGNING Friday, January 28,  4:00 p.m. The Sacred Bee 206 Sacramento Street, Suite 203 Nevada City, CA 95959 Please call to confirm location. 530-264-7230 “If you’re in northern or central California, […]

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