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Open the doorway between this world and the next. Honor the Ancestors! Many spiritual practitioners overlook the powerful practice of honoring your ancestors, the beloved dead of your bloodline. Your ancestors are awaiting your prayers and gifts, and in exchange, want to assist you in healing and growth of personal power which in turn heals […]

Curious about Runes? Heard of them in a magickal context but haven’t got a clue about them? Are you knowledgeable about them, but need some hands on experience applying their energy to divination? If any or all of these conditions apply, and you would like to message, I mean massage your brain about the Elder […]

Reiki Master Collie Valadez of The Rainbow Warriors is pleased to present a 2-day Reiki Practitioner training workshop, October 9 & 10, 2010. Participants will become an attuned Usui Reiki One & Two Practitioner. Mr. Valadez, magickally known as Pan, has a distinct Wiccan twist on his presentation of the material, showing how Reiki can […]

Please join Andrea Racko for a Reiki Level One Class and Attunement Tuesday, July 27, 2010 6:00pm – 9:00pm As a phenomenal healing technique, Reiki has taken the alternative healing world by storm! Come learn this easy and successful energy healing technique brought to the earth plane by Dr. Usui in Japan and has been […]

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