Don Michael Kraig: Sex Magick

Donald Michael Kraig presents…

Don Michael Kraig 'Sex Magick' workshop in Nevada City, CA

Sex Magick

Saturday, January 29

7:00 p.m.

Unlike any other workshop you have attended! This is designed to be in pairs of modules.

The first module of a pair is informational, describing theory and techniques. Then there is a break. During the second module of the pair we will practice exercises designed to illustrate the techniques described. There is a break after each module. Finger foods and water will be available. Participants may leave after any module. The teachings and practices are cumulative: each module adds either deeper knowledge or more intense energy practices to the previous modules. It begins with the history of Kabalistic Sex Magick, then covers how to raise the energy, different types of sex magick, individual exercises, group exercises, focusing energy for magick, and much more. This workshop is for open-minded people over 18 years old. The early modules will allow people to get to know each other and safely experience the type of energy raised during sex magick practices without any sexual activity. Later modules are limited only by the wishes of participants. Please only have a light dinner before this workshop and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring a mat or pillow for the floor, an open mind, a desire to learn, and a willingness to have fun.

$40.00 per person or $75.00 per couple

Nevada City, CA location details provided upon registration. Registration deadline is January 26. Space is limited!