Don Michael Kraig: Tarot & Magick

Donald Michael Kraig presents…

Don Michael Kraig presents Tarot & Magick at The Sacred Bee in Nevada City, CA

Tarot & Magick

Saturday, January 29

Noon–2:00 p.m.

Most people think that the Tarot can only be used for doing divinations, fortune telling, or pathworking. In this workshop you’ll learn other ways of using the Tarot to bring real magick into your life, including using the Tarot cards as talismans, with candles, the amazing Dancing the Tarot technique, and as a synchronistic key to sex magick! While this workshop does not require any previous knowledge of the Tarot, it has special ideas for experienced Tarot readers and even for professionals.

$25.00 per student

at The Sacred Bee
206 Sacramento Street, Suite 203
Nevada City, CA 95959

Please call to register by January 26 & to confirm location.