Honoring the Ancestors Workshop

Open the doorway between this world and the next.

Honor the Ancestors!

Many spiritual practitioners overlook the powerful practice of honoring your ancestors, the beloved dead of your bloodline. Your ancestors are awaiting your prayers and gifts, and in exchange, want to assist you in healing and growth of personal power which in turn heals your ancestral and family karma.

This introductory and basic level class teaches the spiritual benefits of developing a healthy relationship with your ancestors, creating an ancestor altar, and learning simple magical workings involving your ancestors.

Instructor: Andrea Racko
When: Saturday, February 5 ยท 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Where: The Sacred Bee, 206 Sacramento # 203, Nevada City, CA

Fee: $25. Please call 530-264-7230 to RSVP

This is only part one of an ongoing ancestor work series. Part two will be forthcoming shortly…

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