The Runes and You

Curious about Runes?

Heard of them in a magickal context but haven’t got a clue about them?

Are you knowledgeable about them, but need some hands on experience applying their energy to divination?

If any or all of these conditions apply, and you would like to message, I mean massage your brain about the Elder Futhark’s powers, join Patrick Turnbull of The Rainbow Warriors for 4 hours Friday evening, October 8. We will learn each rune’s meaning, and how they talk to each other, and you.

The first two hours will consist of explaining what each rune represents, plus a simple divination exercise. In the last two hours we will explore a series of developed rune divination patterns based on Norse lore roots and machinations. This session will have a lot of attendee participation, as we take turns reading and interpreting each others rune lot pulls.

For more information about Patrick Turnbull, please visit The Rainbow Warriors website at

Friday, October 8, 2010
5pm to 9pm
Nevada City, CA

To register, please call Andrea at (530) 613-3498
or email

Registration Deadline is October 5th

In association with The Sacred Bee
Nevada City, CA

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